Chinese Brush Painting Workshop

This workshop is designed for people who are interested in Chinese culture and painting. An art background is not necessary. The workshop will concentrate on flowers and landscapes, the two major categories of Chinese Brush Painting. Both traditional and contemporary Chinese artists and their works will be introduced and the evolution of brush painting will be discussed. Students will learn about ink, colour, texture, composition, the aesthetic principles and technical skills of Chinese Brush Painting through instructor's demonstrations, in class discussions and hands-on practice. Students will be encouraged to explore their own styles. Please pick up a supply list when you register.

Fee: $190.00
Eight Week Class 
Two Hours Each

920 Falaise Crescent 
Victoria,B.C.V8Y 1A3

Call for current
Tel: 250-658-9381

Instructor: Andy Shutse Lou MFA

Andy Shutse Lou was born and raised in China and received a Master Degree of Fine Arts from the University of North Texas in 1988. His works have been exhibited and collected internationally. He has taught drawing, watercolour painting and Chinese Brush Painting for many years in Texas and California , as well as the University of British Columbia, Simon Fraser University and the University of Victoria in British Columbia. He has been teaching at the Summer School of the Visual Arts at Red Deer College in Alberta since 2001. He is also the co-author of three books on brush painting.


Andy Shutse Lou

Morning Glory

Andy Shutse Lou